Promoting Healthy Lifestyle in Public Schools

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date piker 01 June, 2019
date piker 30 June, 2021
The project aims to promote physical education, popularize physical culture, healthy lifestyle, decrease non-communicable (NCDs) and communicable diseases (CDs), improve public health, and strengthen communities.


Physical education has been neglected in Armenian schools in the past for two main reasons: poor condition of gyms and sanitary facilities of public schools and a lack of active and healthy lifestyle habits.

Access to Water and Sanitation
(Human Rights Defender’s Office Report, 2019)

NCDs: Government Burden and Mortality Cause
(UNDP and WHO Publication, 2019)


  • Poor condition of physical education facilities
  • Lack of healthy lifestyle knowledge and habits
  • Lack of sports equipment and educational resources
  • Poor sanitary and inadequate washing facilities
  • High NCDs incidence
  • High CDs incidence
  • Absence of menstrual management services


1st phase

  • Conduct needs assessment of all public schools through a software to measure the scale and specifics of the problem
  • Localize and consolidate the standards of hygiene and sanitation in public schools
  • Consolidate the standards for gyms in public schools
  • Map the schools by physical condition of the facilities

2nd phase:

  • Renovate gyms in public schools
  • Renovate bathrooms in public schools
  • Provide relevant equipment

Soft Capacity Enhancement and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion

  • Enhance physical educators’ capacities and skill level to promote greater participation in sports, teambuilding and healthy behavior
  • Organize community sports events (competitions, festivals etc.)
  • Promote healthy lifestyle in communities


Short-term results

  • Mental and physical health benefits for school children
  • Improved academic performance among school children
  • Stronger social bonds and vibrant communities
  • Increased youth engagement in sports activities
  • Decreased level of CDs and NCDs
  • Decreased risk behavior

Long-term results

  • Improved public health
  • Improved health span
  • Promotion of gender-equality
  • Healthier and more productive workforce
  • Reduction of disease-related financial and social burden on the families and the economy in general


The main guarantee of the project sustainability relies on the fact that the project beneficiaries are state funded institutions, so there will be no need to provide further financing for staff salaries and the maintenance cost. Agreements will be signed with the Schools as individual entities to ensure their enhanced role and responsibilities related to the due maintenance and operation of the improved facilities.



date piker 21 May, 2021
The Students of Goris N 6 School Now Have Completely Renovated Gyms
The opening ceremony for the reconstructed gymnasiums of the Sero Khanzadyan N6 basic school in Goris was held on May 21. The event was attended by the students and staff of the school, Mrs. Anna Hakobyan, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of My Step Foundation, Ms. Lena Nazaryan, the member of the Board, and Karo Avanesyan, Deputy Governor of Syunik region.
date piker 19 May, 2021
The Renovated Gym for Vanadzor Basic School N 25 Opened
Vanadzor basic school N 25 named after Victor Hambardzumyan now has a completely renovated gymnasium - with new exercise equipment, two new dressing rooms, a renovated medical room and a furnished office for the P.E. teacher.
date piker 01 September, 2020
With the efforts of My Step Foundation and co-financing of Izmirlian Foundation gyms of two schools were renovated for the new school year
Three months ago, on 27th of May, the STEP foundation started the renovation and refurbishing of gyms and bathrooms in the secondary schools of Tandzut and Aygeshat communities within the Promoting Healthy Lifestyle in Public Schools program.