date piker 06 August, 2020
Uniting volunteers’ power to make culture centers more alive: a view from the inside.
The cultural centers of Oshakan, Meghradzor and Mrgashat also are among the ten cultural centers participating in the MY STEP Foundation's Reviving Cultural Centres in the Regions Program.
date piker 21 July, 2020
The youth leads: open microphone, movie quiz in Stepanavan
The Stepanavan Culture and Entertainment Center or more famously, the Stepan Shahumyan House-Museum, is a unique historical and cultural structure. With its human and building resources, it has the opportunity to become a center attracting a large number of tourists.
date piker 10 July, 2020
Embracing the Dream from a Height of 1800 m
On July 8, the staff of the My Step Foundation visited the communities of Ararat and Khachik and discussed with local representatives the various issues of community development, their prospects and the potential leading role of cultural centers.
date piker 06 July, 2020
Dental services for the elderly of Gyumri Day Care Centre
My Step Foundation's support program for the elderly with poor dental health has been launched in the Gyumri Day Care Centre.
date piker 25 June, 2020
Cultural Centers’ Development Program: Opening a Window to Unleash Regional Potential
Cultural Centers are key institutions for empowering regional communities. This process is most effective when it takes place under roof of cultural centers which allow personal growth, create opportunities and encourages creativity. Each community has its own character, potential and challenges. All these features are included within a cultural center, becoming a space for the community action and empowering.
date piker 23 June, 2020
We continue to provide tablets to our students
This time, the My Step Foundation team went to Gavar Children’s Home. 54 children were divided to 4 groups and each group received 3 tablets.
date piker 15 June, 2020
"Plastic Free Armenia" awareness-raising campaign has been launched
Today, My Step Foundation has launched the "Plastic Free Armenia" awareness-raising campaign, which pursues the goal of positive behavioral change in the younger generation of Armenia related to the culture of plastic consumption.
date piker 05 June, 2020
Supporting access to education in Vayots Dzor
Education and its accessibility is among the most important tenets that guide the activities of the My Step Foundation. With this in mind, the Foundation has initiated and continues to support accessibility to education for children in vulnerable families by providing 331 tablets to 26 schools in 23 communities in Vayots Dzor.