My Step Foundation Commences its Activities

12 July, 2018
For an Armenia, where no one will be left behind

Today, the launch event of "My Step" Foundation founded by Anna Hakobyan, spouse of Armenia’s Prime Minister, took place at Byurakan Art Academy. The prehistory, mission and further steps of the foundation were introduced to more than eighty guests; among them were the representatives of embassies in the Republic of Armenia, international organizations, cultural and health and bussiness spheres.

Anna Hakobyan expressed gratitude to the guests for their presence and support already provided and mentioned that the idea of establishing the foundation had emerged during the last two months after a series of meetings and discussions in the status of spouse of the Prime Minister with people from various spheres. "I realized that on one hand we have people doing a wonderful job, yet in need of financial resources to press on with what they do, and on the other hand – there are those who offer funding great initiatives," Hakobyan said.

With regard to the mission of the Foundation, Anna Hakobyan said that it is to become a platform, which will help to find solutions to important issues, the complete solutions of which, for certain reasons, are not available to the state and to the government. "We will strive with joint efforts to build a healthy and inclusive society in all respects, where no one will be left behind and all will have equal opportunities," she noted.

It is expected that the Foundation will operate in three main formats. It will be a bridge between those having brilliant ideas and those willing to provide funds for those ideas; it will sponsor already existing or proposed projects, which comply with the adopted and declared criteria; and finally, the foundation will have its own projects to be developed and implemented by itself.

Anna Hakobyan stated that the very first precondition of the establishment and operation of the Foundation was to ensure its transparency and accountability. One of the safeguards for the implementation of these principles will be the use of “block chain " technology which will ensure 100% transparency for fundraising and project financing. The system is currently under development and will start functioning in the near future. “I promise, that all the steps I take as spouse of the Prime Minister will be open and visible to everyone, and I will do my best to bring about concrete and tangible results for the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh, their citizens, our compatriots in Diaspora and lastly, for the best and highest ideas”, concluded her speech Anna Hakobyan.

"My Step" foundation was founded in June this year. Shortly after the formation of the Board of Trustees and election of an Executive Director, the Foundation will start a process of developing programs and elaborating mechanisms, after which the full range operation will commence.

12 July, 2018

date piker 19 November, 2021
Mkhitar Hayrapetyan - Executive Director of My Step Foundation
Former RA Minister of Diaspora Mkhitar Hayrapetyan was elected executive director by the council.
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Donation of medical equipment to support the fight against COVID-19
On July 24th Martuni Medical Center received medical equipment donation, to increase the effectiveness of the fight against COVID-19.
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"In My step Foundation I gained confidence that I am moving in the right direction", – Anna Matevosyan
"I have already heard about the Foundation while in Moscow, and I was very inspired by their activities. When I moved to live in Armenia, I applied for participation in the "Birthright" program, asking to contact the My Step Foundation," Anna Matevosyan begins telling her story.