Anna Hakobyan Presented the Activities of the Foundations Chaired by Her

22 February, 2019
Today, the Prime Minister's Spouse, My Step and the Chairman of the Boards of Trustees of the "City of Smiles" Charitable Funds Anna Hakobyan presented to the media the results of the activities of the two foundations, the current and future plans.

Ongoing programs:

Anna Hakobyan then presented the programs being implemented and planned by the My Step Foundation. He noted that the foundation will continue the scholarship program for students admitted to foreign universities based on the new concept. In particular, scholarships will be awarded to students pursuing development priorities in Armenia and young people enrolled in a leading university in the field.

In the field of nature protection, the Foundation will participate in the implementation of the Without Plastic Armenia program in partnership with the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia and UN Armenia Office. The purpose of the project is to promote environmental protection in Armenia through awareness-raising campaigns, incentives and consumer behavioral changes aimed at reducing the use of polyethylene bags. Fundraising is currently underway.

In the area of social security, the Foundation, together with World Vision Armenia, has launched a Graduate Approach to support needy families. The project aims to contribute to poverty reduction in Armenia by assessing the needs of socially disadvantaged families, improving the social conditions of families and enhancing the economic self-sufficiency of their members. At present, the program includes 15 families whose temporary housing has been resolved by the Foundation. It is planned to increase the number of beneficiary families to 25, after which they will include new families.

The "Step by Step" program is implemented in cooperation with Kentron TV. The goal is to help build a prosperous and caring society and foster a culture of volunteerism by renovating homes for needy families. The project is planned to be implemented with minimal financial investment through the efforts of volunteer individuals and organizations.

Planned Projects:

Anna Hakobyan also presented the Foundation's far-reaching programs. In particular, the foundation plans to deal with the prevention of child abandonment and reunification of children with families, foster families in the establishment of the institutions, day care facilities and handling of their integration in society. The purpose of the consultations that are currently being held with stakeholders in the field is to identify gaps and formulate a project strategy.

The Foundation plans to implement a program aimed at increasing reproductive health in Armenia, the essence of which is to provide financial support to infertile families in need of fertility and intrauterine insemination. Currently, 400 families are awaiting such an opportunity, who have previously applied to the Aragil Foundation.

Anna Hakobyan noted that the foundation also plans to implement a community development program to help improve the socio-economic situation in rural areas of Armenia through a value chain approach and pilot demonstration in selected communities. The concept paper is currently being developed.

Foundation Trustees:

During the press conference Anna Hakobyan listed the members of the board of trustees of My Step foundation. They are: Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Lena Nazaryan, Member of Parliament Vahagn Tevosyan, singer-songwriter Serj Tankian, actress Arsine Khanjyan, Founder and Head of Impact Hub Yerevan Sara Anjargolyan, Executive Director of FestivAr Armenian Festivals Association Lusine Kasarjian, and Dr. Vahan Vardapetyan.

Anna Hakobyan also answered various questions of journalists. Hovhannes Ghazaryan, Executive Director of My Step Foundation and Executive Director of Smile City Foundation, Esther Demirchyan attended the press conference. Presenting the financial statement of My Step Foundation, Ms. Hakobyan noted that as of February 15 this year, donation summed of 859,055,468 AMD. Part of that amount, 454,626,510 drams is targeted for donations. In particular, donors donated 241,300,000 drams for Meghri kindergarten renovation, 194,880,000 drams for rehabilitation of wounded and disabled servicemen, 12,000,000 drams for the "Step by Step" program and 6,446,510 drams for the "No Plastic Armenia" program.

As of February 15,236,578,438 AMD was spent from this sum, out of which the operating expenses of the fund (salaries, business trips, purchases) made 23,908,706 AMD. The remainder of the proceeds went to beneficiaries, including AMD 142,383,648 for classical music institutions (Hover Choir, Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir and Chamber Orchestra) and International Perspectives. In support of the International Festival of Classical Music, 20 million AMD will be donated to the Ombudsman's Rehabilitation Center. 44,411,850 AMD were spent on tuition fees for young people from prestigious universities abroad, and another 240 million AMD were raised by colleagues through the efforts of My Step Foundation.

22 February, 2019