From November 20 through December 30, 2020, MY STEP Foundation allocated 951,859,333 AMD for post-war needs.

30 December, 2020
MY STEP Foundation has not raised any funds during the war. All requests to the Foundation regarding the donations were directed to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

By the decision of the Board of Trustees made on November 20, 2020, MY STEP Foundation (which has previously implemented development projects) would focus on crisis management activities to overcome consequences of war, given the situation unfold due to the war, social and humanitarian needs and the imperative to address and mitigate them.

From November 20 through December 30, 2020, budget of implemented projects amounted to 951,859,333 AMD.

• 523,000,000 AMD (1,000,000 USD) has been donated to the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen.

• A Contract worth 180,000,000 AMD (344,168 USD) has been signed with the Homeland Defender's Rehabilitation Center, realization of which will provide from 60 to 70 new wards, new rooms for physiotherapy and ergotherapy, pain management room, prosthesis room, and express laboratory.

• A Contract worth 135,000,000 AMD (258,126 USD) has been signed for provision of 30,000 blankets to the Ministry of Labor, Social and Housing Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh.

• A Contract worth 40,000,000 AMD (76,481 USD) has been signed for provision of 10,000 bed linen packages to the Ministry of Labor, Social and Housing Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh.

• 100 blankets and bed linen packages have been provided to the Artsakh families settled in “MISSION ARMENIA” NGO. The budget amounted to 2,440,000 AMD (4,665 USD).

• 415 primary level school children (1-4 grades), who have temporarily settled in Syunik and Vayots Dzor regions of Armenia, have been provided with school items (schoolbags, stationary, etc.). The budget amounted to 5,460,025 AMD (10,440 USD).

• The UN and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia (MLSA) have provided 100 pregnant women and 100 0-6 months old babies (temporarily settled in the Republic of Armenia) with household items and complete hygiene kits correspondingly. The budget amounted to 8,412,300 AMD (16,085 USD).

• A free food distribution centre has been opened in Stepanakert for one month for displaced Artsakh people – mothers and children, as well as lonely old people. The centre provided two meals per day, and had 6767 visitors. The budget amounted to 15,750,000 AMD (30,115 USD).

• On the occasion of the New Year, 141 children, who have visited Stepanakert free food distribution centre, have been provided with a gift package with cutlery and hygiene items. The budget amounted to 733,200 AMD (1,402 USD).

• 192 units of home appliances have been provided to the shelters for Artsakh families in Armenia by the guidance of the MLSA. The budget amounted to 7,212,500 AMD (13,790 USD).

• 5150 children aged 6-12 (children of servicemen fallen, wounded, missing or in captivity, as well as children of families moved to Armenia due to Artsakh war) have been provided with tickets for theatrical performances and gift packages. The budget amounted to 15,161,308 AMD (28,328 USD).

• On the occasion of the New Year, educational and entertainment event has been organized in Dilijan for children moved from Artsakh to Armenia, as well as for about 1500 local children. The budget amounted to 18,550,000 AMD (35,469 USD).

• Hadrut's Youth Creative Centre (State Non-profit Organization) has been provided with necessary supplies. The budget amounted to 140,000 AMD (268 US dollars).

MY STEP Foundation will continue the implementation of humanitarian projects through January. However, with firm understanding of and commitment to taking urgent measures to provide people with conditions for a decent living, to help them to overcome difficulties, to get back on track and to grow professionally – long-term automated projects are being developed concurrently, the implementation of which, without any doubt, will lead to positive changes and improvement of the human condition.

30 December, 2020

date piker 21 December, 2020
Home appliances worth about 7 million AMD were distributed to the Artsakh families settled in the Republic of Armenia
Under its humanitarian aid programs, MY STEP Foundation provided home appliances worth about 7 million AMD (13,500 USD) to support domestic needs of those families who moved to Armenia during recent Artsakh war.
date piker 18 December, 2020
Humanitarian aid to the Artsakh families settled in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia
Since early morning of December 17, a truck carrying humanitarian aid from MY STEP Foundation has headed to Vayots Dzor region of Armenia. Necessary items (school bags and stationery packs, packages for pregnant women and newborns) for the Artsakh families temporarily settled in the region were provided to the administration of region’s center –Yeghegnadzor.
date piker 14 December, 2020
18 young women got nail technician certification – turning over a new leaf with new skills
18 beneficiaries of MY STEP Foundation’s “Reducing Poverty Program” were given the opportunity to acquire vocational qualification.