“The more I got to know the foundation, the more I wanted to work there” - Amalia

13 August, 2019
Amalia Petrosyan moved with her family from Armenia to Boston when she was very young. They have gradually adapted to the new environment, trying to preserve their native language and culture at all costs. Visits to Armenia have not been rare, but always for a brief time.

“Over the years, my desire to come to our country, and be useful to the growth of it increased. I was looking for some way to do so. When the Velvet Revolution took place last year, I was so excited that I applied to Birthright Armenia because I wanted to take part in the changes in Armenia after the revolution. With the help of Birthright, I discovered My Step Foundation, and the more research I did about the foundation, the more I wanted to work there. I was surprised and happy about how much they had accomplished in a short amount of time. I asked Birthright to send me with this organization,” said Amalia.

Amalia has been particularly impressed by the foundations multifaceted activities. “I admire that there are so many goals in different areas of our country’s development. Even in a developed country like America, a huge change is not done at once, in the beginning it takes small steps to get there,” she said.

Volunteerism is important to her, because she is convinced if there is something you want to take care of, you have to make an effort and dedicate yourself to help spark a change. “I feel proud to be able to help the foundation, as I’m sure it's of great assistance to Armenia’s advancement” says Amalia, who has joined the foundation for the past several weeks now,

Then she adds with a smile...

“You know, it may sound funny, but I’ve never been away from home for this long. My parents were worried, and insisted that I shouldn’t stay in Armenia for this long. But, I tried convincing them for a while, assuring them I knew very well what I was doing and that I was excited to be working with My Step Foundation. And somehow, here I am now, convinced them, and happy to be here.”

13 August, 2019