My Step Foundation a supporter of the International Festival of Sculpture, Architecture and the Environment

25 July, 2019
For about a month (from June 15-July 18) Yerevan’s Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex has become a unique platform for the arts, hosting sculptors from different countries under its roof.

The goal of the annual International Festival of Sculpture, Architecture and Environment, launched by the Educational Complex, is to become an effective learning environment for students of vocational education institutions. The organizer of the festival was the Vigen Avetisschool of sculpture, while the Italian coordinators were sculptor and poet Massimo Lippi and architect Roberto Ravalli.

Schools, colleges, and specialized educational institutions (Yerevan Terlemezyan College, Academy of Fine Arts, Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction, Yerevan State University Faculty of History, Yerevan State University Faculty of Development, and Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch) participated in 143 programs implemented during the festival. A large number of students who have participated in master classes, developed their professional experience.

“I’ve been coming to Armenia for ten years, not to teach but to learn. Your destiny is to be the first. You still keep the truth and remind the world of humanism and Christian values.” said Italian sculptor Massimo Lippi who named his work “Bud”, which he noted it represents all mankind, suffering and glory.

Guided by the idea of “Environment Interactions”, environmental design, care and refurbishment work has started, with the participation of teachers, guests, students, sculptors, architects and community residents. The aim was to give the suburb a reminder of the urban environment of the Soviet times with a new aesthetic, changing the attitude of people towards their habitat and environment. The Italian professors and a working group of Armenians of Armenian origin, work with the students and have created the festival’s platforms in Yerevan, Ijevan, Sevan and Arates.

The festival included educational and creative gatherings, celebrations and the Sculpture Wedding project became a platform for a new aesthetic, architectural solutions to the environment, bringing forward new fresh ideas for shaping urban culture.

The sculptures of 40 participants from Italy, Russia, Georgia, France, China, Artsakh, regions of Armenia, and Yerevan were presented in the festival; 19 of the 40 were monumental sculptures. All the sculptures will be placed in different parts of the Southwest district of Yerevan, in the educational garden of the educational complex. 

The International Annual Festival of Sculpture, Architecture and Environment was officially concluded on July 18th. The role of the architecture is to change the environment itself, and make sure the environment and human interaction are constant, and continually developing.

The international festival and its registration in Yerevan were supported by My Step Foundation, Dar Foundation, The Ministry of Education and Science Sport and Culture, Yerevan Municipality, Department of Architecture and Construction of Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction, The Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, regional administrations, urban and rural communities, individuals, including the owner of Balahovit quarry, Andranik Davtyan, who provided sculptors with stones of their choice.


All photos in this article are taken from the official website of Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational complex.

25 July, 2019

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