My Step Foundation and World Vision Armenia Unite the Efforts for the benefit of Vulnerable Families

22 January, 2019
Today, Executive Director of My Step Foundation Hovhannes Ghazaryan and World Vision Armenia Director Jirayr Edilyan signed a memorandum on cooperation for the welfare of the most vulnerable families.

"World Vision Armenia has been using the "Graduation Approach" for more than two years in working with families living in poverty. It is noteworthy that in this approach, the specialists do not solve the problems of the families, but teach the families to solve their own problems and plan their future. We hope that after summarizing the results of the trial phase, we will be able to demonstrate to government agencies the effectiveness of the approach and propose to use it in state social security policy, ”says World Vision Armenia Director Jirayr Edilyan.

World Vision Armenia and My Step Foundation will combine professional and financial resources. If successful, the program will expand to include more needy families. The team of specialists visited all beneficiary families in December 2018, conducting a needs assessment. 5 out of 15 families will be provided with social work, and organizations with 10 families will work on a "Graduation Approach" (Graduation Approach) methodology. This is an internationally accepted model of working with the most vulnerable families, which includes family needs assessment and an individual family development plan. The plan includes a number of interventions: specialist support, life skills training, vocational training, and more. Through these interventions, the two organizations will work with the 15 most vulnerable families as part of a joint pilot project to improve the quality of life of these families and build capacity for self-sufficiency.

“Since the foundation of My Step Foundation, numerous applications have been received from families in extreme distress. Some of them were housed in apartments provided by citizens on behalf of the foundation's board of trustees, Ms. Anna Hakobyan. However, it was a matter of principle for us, besides solving the immediate problems of these families, to provide long-term solutions, that is, to equip them with the abilities that at some point they would be able to move on their own, overcoming poverty. And that's where the idea of working with World Vision Armenia came from, " said Hovhannes Ghazaryan, Executive Director of My Step Foundation.

22 January, 2019

date piker 30 December, 2020
From November 20 through December 30, 2020, MY STEP Foundation allocated 951,859,333 AMD for post-war needs.
MY STEP Foundation has not raised any funds during the war. All requests to the Foundation regarding the donations were directed to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.
date piker 21 December, 2020
Home appliances worth about 7 million AMD were distributed to the Artsakh families settled in the Republic of Armenia
Under its humanitarian aid programs, MY STEP Foundation provided home appliances worth about 7 million AMD (13,500 USD) to support domestic needs of those families who moved to Armenia during recent Artsakh war.
date piker 18 December, 2020
Humanitarian aid to the Artsakh families settled in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia
Since early morning of December 17, a truck carrying humanitarian aid from MY STEP Foundation has headed to Vayots Dzor region of Armenia. Necessary items (school bags and stationery packs, packages for pregnant women and newborns) for the Artsakh families temporarily settled in the region were provided to the administration of region’s center –Yeghegnadzor.