Armenian Velvet Revolution at Venice Arts Biennale 2019

21 May, 2019
The cultural and artistic analysis of the Armenian velvet revolution is presented at the 58th Venice International Biennale of Art by the project "Revolutionary Sensor".

This is the first time this year that the project has been selected through an open competition. The curator is Susanna Gyulamiryan, the participating artists are a group of artists from ArtLab Yerevan (Including Hovhannes Margaryan, Vardan Chaloyan, Arthur Petrosyan, Gagik Charchyan) and Narine Arakelyan. My Step Foundation also supported Armenia's participation in the Biennale.

The project, from a cultural point of view, is about the revolutionary events of Armenia in 2018 and consists of three parts.

In the first part, a group of ArtLab Yerevan artists present a large-scale video installation called Revolutionary Sensor in a documentary research-collection on the Armenian Revolution, which has several thematic directions: revolutionary crowd, creativity of revolution, counter-revolution and counter-revolution/topics.

The second is the “bucket-boiler” project by artist Narine Arakelyan, which reproduces the acts of disobedience of Armenian women during the days of the revolution in the public spaces of Venice. The project, featuring 50 volunteer women, represents the creativity and unique solutions of Armenian women.

The third part of the screening, titled "Dialogues on Revolution and Power," also features women, who this time appear in the formats of analysis, dialogue and discussion. In the video footage initiated and organized by the curator of the Armenian pavilion, female experts, intellectuals, civic activists on critical issues in various fields address the reorganization of many spheres in post-revolutionary Armenia. . "These are reflections on social policy, cultural, gender, economic, legal, moral and other aspects," says curator Susanna Gyulamiryan.

The opening of the Armenian pavilion at the 59th Venice Art Biennale was held in 2019. on May 9. The screening will be open to the public until November 24 at the Palazzo Zenobio Mourat-Raphaelian School in Venice.


The Venice Art Biennale is one of the most important, prestigious and popular events of modern art in the world, founded in 1895. The biennale organizes exhibitions and research in the fields of arts, architecture, cinema, dance, music and theater in three formats: national pavilions, international main screenings and multilateral events.Armenia has been participating in the biennale since 1995 and since 2010 under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture. This year the theme of the biennale's main show is a reference to an ancient Chinese saying, "Let yourself live in exciting times."

Photos by Karen Mirzoyan

21 May, 2019

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