Cultural SNCOs Acquired New Skills in Art Management

30 June, 2021
As a result of the first phase of the “Art Management: Capacity Development” project supported by the MY STEP Foundation the beneficiaries received training in strategic management, fundraising, innovative and institutional marketing, and international cooperation.

The project launched in April 2020 is implemented by the “Culture and Tourism for Sustainable Development” NGO and aims at developing fundraising capacities of the State Non-Commercial Organizations (SNCOs), providing them with skills in creating innovative cultural products, and helping with their outreach.

The project is based on the EU-funded project implemented by the NGO within which evaluation of SNCOs was conducted and basic needs of legislative reforms and capacity development were identified.

To address the first need, a package of suggested legislative reforms has been presented to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports (MESCS) of the Republic of Armenia, while the “Art Management: Capacity Development” project launched with support of the MY STEP Foundation is geared towards addressing the second need.

The program consists of 3 phases, the first of which concluded in April-May of this year with the capacity development training made up of 6 sessions. Thirty five representatives of 18 SNCOs participated in these 6 sessions which were facilitated by Zarmine Zeytuntsyan, the President of the “Culture and Tourism for Sustainable Development” NGO. The participants of the session on international cooperation had an opportunity to meet the representatives of the Creative Europe Armenia.

Currently the second phase of the project is underway, which includes working individually with the SNCOs to create development strategies for each.

During the final stage of the project indicators for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of SNCOs’ work will be developed in cooperation with the MESCS of Armenia.

30 June, 2021