MY STEP Foundation temporarily opened free food distribution centre in Stepanakert

09 December, 2020
Dear compatriots, From December 3, 2020, MY STEP Foundation has organized a temporary/free food distribution centre at 2 Parseghov Street, Stepanakert. The centre provides meals twice a day. The working hours of the centre are:

Preliminary list of the project beneficiaries was composed according to the data provided by the relevant authorities of Artsakh Republic. Citizens from these two main groups are included as beneficiaries:

  • Artsakh residents who moved to Stepanakert from other settlements of Artsakh (mothers with many children, lonely old people),
  • Families of servicemen who are not by their side (mothers with many children, lonely old people).

The centre has started its activity with provision of meals for up to 500 people a day.

Please note: depending on current needs and the necessity to organize more effective and targeted work, we may change some organizational matters.

The centre operates to alleviate the needs of people temporarily residing in Stepanakert until all the urgent problems caused by the war are resolved, and the people have the opportunity to have their own kitchen.

MY STEP Foundation’s staff and mobilized volunteers coordinate and help the citizens with the service provision process.

As already announced, MY STEP Foundation has launched a number of new projects in support of the people of Artsakh affected by the war. Please follow the official pages of My Step Foundation for updates and information on our activities.

Let us join our efforts and extend our love and care to our compatriots via

09 December, 2020

date piker 30 December, 2020
From November 20 through December 30, 2020, MY STEP Foundation allocated 951,859,333 AMD for post-war needs.
MY STEP Foundation has not raised any funds during the war. All requests to the Foundation regarding the donations were directed to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.
date piker 21 December, 2020
Home appliances worth about 7 million AMD were distributed to the Artsakh families settled in the Republic of Armenia
Under its humanitarian aid programs, MY STEP Foundation provided home appliances worth about 7 million AMD (13,500 USD) to support domestic needs of those families who moved to Armenia during recent Artsakh war.
date piker 18 December, 2020
Humanitarian aid to the Artsakh families settled in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia
Since early morning of December 17, a truck carrying humanitarian aid from MY STEP Foundation has headed to Vayots Dzor region of Armenia. Necessary items (school bags and stationery packs, packages for pregnant women and newborns) for the Artsakh families temporarily settled in the region were provided to the administration of region’s center –Yeghegnadzor.