Mrs. Anna Hakobyan’s meeting with the Defenders of the Homeland

27 November, 2020
On the 27th of November the Spouse of the Prime Minister, the Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of My Step Foundation visited the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center. She visited some wards, gyms, got acquainted with the soldiers who were injured during the war and were receiving rehabilitation treatment at the Center.

An honest conversation took place in the Reading Hall of the Center, during which the soldiers talked about their military path, raised concerns, and made some observations not only about the army and the war, but also about the challenges facing our country. Arthur Abrahamyan, an Artsakhi soldier, who is recovering in the Center, said that he had an unequivocal decision to return to Artsakh and to rebuild a house, an army, a country from scratch, to be in solidarity, stay united and determined to achieve victory again.

Mrs. Anna Hakobyan listened to everyone and answered all the questions and assured that all the wounded and injured would receive medical care to improve their quality of life, and that no one would be left behind. “The strength of both physical and mental health of our soldiers is important to me. Your treatment and recovery will start as soon as possible. No doubt about that”, said Mrs. Hakobyan.

The soldiers expressed gratitude to the staff and the doctors for their professionalism, human qualities and the warmth received. Armen Muradyan, YSMU Rector, and Haykuhi Minasyan, Director of "Support for Wounded Soldiers and Military Disabled Persons" NGO, Coordinator of the works of the Rehabilitation Center provided an updates on the work done and current activities, raised issues that need to be addressed.

Let us remind you that the Foundation consistently provides assistance to the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center, keeping focus on the wellbeing of our brave servicemen. Donation Agreement of 180 million AMD (351.350 USD) was concluded between the Foundation and the Center. From 60 to 70 new wards, new rooms for physiotherapy and ergotherapy, pain management room, prosthesis room, express laboratory would be built in the space renovated by the Foundation. As a result, the Center will be able to serve twice as many soldiers per month as it does now.

We are grateful to all our benefactors and supporters, who with their confidence and activities help us stand by the Defenders of the Homeland.

27 November, 2020

date piker 21 May, 2021
The Students of Goris N 6 School Now Have Completely Renovated Gyms
The opening ceremony for the reconstructed gymnasiums of the Sero Khanzadyan N6 basic school in Goris was held on May 21. The event was attended by the students and staff of the school, Mrs. Anna Hakobyan, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of My Step Foundation, Ms. Lena Nazaryan, the member of the Board, and Karo Avanesyan, Deputy Governor of Syunik region.
date piker 19 May, 2021
The Renovated Gym for Vanadzor Basic School N 25 Opened
Vanadzor basic school N 25 named after Victor Hambardzumyan now has a completely renovated gymnasium - with new exercise equipment, two new dressing rooms, a renovated medical room and a furnished office for the P.E. teacher.
date piker 18 November, 2020
The capacity of the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center will be doubled with the support of MY STEP Foundation
MY STEP Foundation will support the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center to double its capacity. The assistance is aimed at the rehabilitation of servicemen who got injured or ill during the war.