Artik, its volunteers and the dream of an outdoor movie screenings

20 August, 2020
Arik’s cultural center named after Varaz Samuelian is among the ten centers that are partaking in the STEP Foundation’s cultural centers’ development program. During the past five months the employees of the cultural centers have undergone active capacity building through online platforms, acquiring new skills which is a vital element in this project.

The employees of the cultural center were excited to find out that among hundreds of other cultural centers around the country their center was among the ten selected. “By being granted a chance to be a part of this project to some extent obliges us to get the maximum amount of experience and growth out of this program”. This was stated by the vice principal of the cultural center Hasmik Barseghyan.

The employees state that the courses taught are very interesting and diverse and that the mentors are accomplishing their duties in very pleasant and enthusiastic way.

As a byproduct of this project a unique network was created between the different cultural centers which lead to the exchange of ideas and expertise between the different entities. “We understand that each cultural center is different and has different ideas, however at the same time we have many commonalities between us”, stated an employee from the Artik cultural center.

A new aspect for the center is its cooperation with young volunteers and the potential they bring to the center. The cultural center is hopeful that these volunteers will bring new life to the center and through their activities and enthusiasm increase creativity in their work. This will lead to other young people joining their ranks and freely express themselves in art and youth projects.

“According to stereotypes, volunteer work is a waste of time. It is unpaid and unappreciated, however volunteer work has a positive aspect, it has a huge history of dedication, sacrifices. The foundation caused a huge wave of change, now we have a team that is composed of screenwriters, software and hardware providers, stage and space designers, media executives. Each one of us has responsibility to the group, all of us are excited to accomplish new projects in the center and turn the center into a modern educational institution”. These are thoughts provided by Stella and Aren, who are both volunteers at the center.

In Artik attention is given to building and surroundings, the cleanliness and tidiness of Artik’s cultural center is clearly the work of caring and loving hands. “Just by looking at the entrance itself we can notice that the employees love their job and do it to the best of their abilities”, told the project assistant Anna Matevosyan.

Just like the cultural centers, the community as a whole is very excited and eager to improve their cultural center and acquire new technical and practical assistance so that they make their work more productive and come up with new ideas. It is the community's dream to organize open air movie screenings..

“Due to this our community youth and the general public can have a place to relax and have fun, the cooperation between the foundation and the community council is seen as a crucial step to turn Artik into a place that attracts and maintains its youth and stops them from leaving their hometown but stay and develop and improve their birthplace” concluded Ms. Barseghyan.

20 August, 2020

date piker 30 December, 2021
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Youth of Artik and Stepanavan communities went on a study tour to Gyumri
Within the framework of the MY STEP Foundation's "Reviving Cultural Centers in the Regions'' program, the volunteers of Artik and Stepanavan Cultural Centers visited Gyumri.
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The directors and employees of 9 Cultural Centers from 8 regions of Armenia participated in a two-day training in Gyumri
The directors and employees of 9 Cultural Centers from 8 regions of Armenia, the beneficiaries of the MY STEP Foundation's “Reviving Cultural Centers in the Regions” project, had a two-day training in Gyumri, August 23-25.