Workshop on Waste Management in Lchashen

17 August, 2020
A workshop on waste management was held on August 7 at the Lchashen culture center in the Gegharkunik Marz within the framework of the STEP Foundation's Plastic Free Armenia: Behavioral Change and Awareness Raising Campaign.

The volunteers of Lchashen cultural centre participated in this workshop. The goal of the event was to enrich teenager’s knowledge on the topic,as well as to raise awareness, emphasizing the fact that they can be change makers within their community, contribute to the reduction of waste generation in the community, sorting, and the development of a culture of reducing plastic consumption in everyday life.

The speaker of the workshop was Hripsime Mkrtchyan, the founder of "Eco Aghb" environmental NGO.

The participants of the event received general knowledge about the waste sorting, types of recyclable and non recyclable plastics, as well as the negative impacts of plastic contamination of the planet. During the workshop the topic of avoiding non-recyclable plastic containers was tackled.

The location of the workshop was not randomly selected since the problem of plastic waste pollution is a vital issue for Lake Savan and the local population.

Davit Shindyan, the Foundation's Environmental Programs Coordinator, mentioned that since the most of the waste we generate is not recycled and is landfilled, we should be more careful in choosing the products we use every day, trying to reduce production of waste as much as possible.

The workshop was concluded with an active Q&A session.

17 August, 2020

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