Meeting with deputy ministers of the ministry of ESCS

14 August, 2020
On the 14th of August the STEP Foundation had the pleasure to be visited by the deputy ministers Artur Martirosyan and Zhanna Andreasyan of the ESCS ministry.

During the visit the deputy ministers were made familiar to two out of the five core issues the foundation deals with. Hovanes Ghazaryan, the executive director of the Foundation, and Gayane Ghazaryan, thecoordinator of health and social programs, gave details on the foundation’s developed and initiated project called "Promoting Healthy Lifestyle in Public Schools'', which only started in May of this year. This project is made up of many different steps from evaluating the level of assistance need, renovation and raising awareness on the importance of healthy living. The deputy ministers were also introduced to the online mechanism that assesses the healthy living situations in schools, which will give school the opportunity to partake in this program, they will be able to do so by applying for an evaluation and implementing the aforementioned mechanism in good faith.

The implementation of these mechanisms are a vital aspect in ensuring success that is why a great deal of effort and resources were allocated in creating them. It is because of this the foundation can map out schools all over the country based on their physical situation, the nature and the scale of the problems the school has by doing so we can prioritize the problems at hand. The authors of this project are hopeful that the aforementioned steps can help with data collection which assist in the decision making process. The online mechanism is going to be put through a trail phase in order to refine and improve it even further.

Lilit Grigoryan, thecoordinator of cultural programs, introduced to the attendees the foundation’s project titled "Reviving cultural centres in the regions". This project to some extent is already underway, already 10 cultural centers all across Armenia are part of this pilot project which is not only focused on capacity building but also improving infrastructure and technical expertise of the center. The goal of this project is to focus on capacity building in cultural centers through which the center can have an impact on the community.

The deputy ministers highly appreciate the Foundation’s adopted philosophy in this project and see the cooperation between the ministry and the Foundation as a vital element for overall development, since through cooperation we can increase the level of work which can make the project be more effective.

This idea was reciprocated by the Foundation’s representative and they also see cooperation as a critical element for success not only for the project but for Armenia as a whole.

14 August, 2020