"In My step Foundation I gained confidence that I am moving in the right direction", – Anna Matevosyan

05 December, 2019
"I have already heard about the Foundation while in Moscow, and I was very inspired by their activities. When I moved to live in Armenia, I applied for participation in the "Birthright" program, asking to contact the My Step Foundation," Anna Matevosyan begins telling her story.

Anna was born and raised in Moscow. Last year she graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Department of Global Affairs majoring in "International Relations". She also had an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

She was a volunteer at My Step Foundation since September.

"Charity has always been very interesting for me, I wanted to get a deeper understanding of the nature of this activity. In my opinion, My Step Foundation is doing its work at a very high level. When I followed the projects of the Foundation from afar, I was very impressed with their activities, but when I got acquainted with all the programs, I was very inspired, and I really wanted to make a small contribution to their successful work," says Anna. Although Anna assisted all program coordinators, doing really useful work, she most liked the cultural program of the Foundation

Anna is also happy to note that in three months of volunteering she has found wonderful colleagues in the Foundation. "What I loved most about the Foundation was their dedication and the faith in the significance of their work."

Anna supports the values of the Foundation and stresses that it’s very important that the Foundation tries to have sustainable impact. The Fund's programs are focused on the long-term perspective, which is very important for the sustainable development of Armenia.

As for the importance of volunteer work, Anna believes that, on the one hand, it is a unique opportunity to reveal yourself, develop your skills, and on the other – to feel that you were able to help those who need you.

"In Armenia it is very important to develop a culture of volunteering, and it would be great if more people began to do it. I am pleased to know that I was able to contribute to the development of my country," says Anna.

Anna moved to Armenia, creating her own family here. Anna's father is from Gyumri and her mother is from Moscow. It is very interesting that two different language accents of Anna's parents were intertwined in her Armenian language, conveying Anna's beautiful sounding. Anna is happy to note that during her work at My Step Foundation she began to speak Armenian better, which makes her very happy.

There is another wonderful news for Anna. Just a few days ago, she received a job offer at My Step Foundation and started working as a project assistant.

"After learning more about the strategy and activities of the Foundation, I gained confidence that I was moving in the right direction. I want to improve my profession and improve my skills, and I dream of being useful for people in Armenia," says Anna.

05 December, 2019

date piker 19 November, 2021
Mkhitar Hayrapetyan - Executive Director of My Step Foundation
Former RA Minister of Diaspora Mkhitar Hayrapetyan was elected executive director by the council.
date piker 24 July, 2020
Donation of medical equipment to support the fight against COVID-19
On July 24th Martuni Medical Center received medical equipment donation, to increase the effectiveness of the fight against COVID-19.
date piker 20 June, 2019
My Step Foundation and The National Center for Sustainable Development Goals will collaborate
Innovative facts and knowledge based solutions will be created within the framework of the signed memorandum.