"One Region, One Song" or how to tell the world about Armenia and Artsakh through music

28 August, 2019
With the support of My Step Foundation a very unique musical-cultural initiative has been launched in Armenia, which aims to become a unique business card promoting tourism to Armenia.

Singer, songwriter Alin Demirchyan was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Alin's distant ancestors were from Western Armenia and Artsakh.

Alin was involved in social work in Argentina, but, as she puts it, "my passion was music." She has been to Armenia several times since studying at the Armenian School in Buenos Aires. In her 2011 visit, she was part of the Birthright program as a volunteer.

“One day I decided to start singing, recording, writing songs, so I left university. When I came to Armenia with Birthright's "Depi Hayk" program, at the time I was a social worker in Argentina. When I came to Armenia, I started to sing songs I wrote for fun in different pubs. I felt like people were listening, like, even when they saw me on the street saying, 'Oh, this girl was singing so well yesterday.’ And when I came back to Argentina, I no longer wanted to be that person -social worker Alin, I wanted to be a musician Alin. At that time, I left University and started playing, singing, recording my first album called Searching For The Amber. And since 2012, I've only been involved in music.”

Alin has also worked for seven years in two Armenian schools in Buenos Aires as a teacher of Armenian language and music. Together with a friend who was also a teacher at an Armenian school, created a musical duet for Alin and Talin for Armenian children.

She also visited Armenia right after the Velvet Revolution with her mother. It was during this visit that began the journey to a dream come true.

“We were returning from Artsakh to Yerevan. Our driver stopped to fill gas, however there was no one there, we entered a shop where again you would think there was also no one. Suddenly a woman came and started playing the accordion and singing. It was a very impressive moment. And maybe it was then, that's when I started dreaming about the ‘One Region, One Song’ project. "

"One Region, One Song" is a unique cultural, musical project representing Armenia and Artsakh.

Alin informs us that the goal of the program is to present Armenia and Artsakh through music. "I want to tour all the regions of Armenia and Artsakh, get acquainted with local musicians or bands, to sing together an Armenian song in each region, and then shoot a video clip of the song." Alin wants the clips not only to present beautiful Armenian songs, not only to show the beautiful tourist destinations of Armenia, but also become little musical stories about every region of Armenia and Artsakh, representing the people living there and their traditions. Although Alin wants to tell strangers about our songs, the beauty of our country, our culture and music, with this project, she nevertheless considers the target audience as being the Diaspora youth:

“I want the young people of the Diaspora, including the Latin American people I grew up with, to know Armenia and Artsakh, especially. Our Diaspora is in danger of losing contact with Armenia now, I think. It is not enough that our grandparents have told us that we are Armenians, we need to be connected with today's Armenia. I want music to become that bridge. I have presented to all Armenian schools in Argentina about the "One Region, One Song" program, encouraged them to follow us, for example, on Facebook and also to recognize and find Armenia through this. Do you know that many of them think that in Armenia they only dance and listen to kochari? As in Armenia, for example, its known that that there is only tango in Argentina. But that's not the case.”

The program is intended to shoot 19 music video clips of different genres in Armenian, 11 in Armenia and 8 in Artsakh.

The project "One Region, One Song" kicked off on August 13. There have already been shooting videos in Kotayk, Armavir, Aragatsotn and Shirak.

“You know, I like going to villages and regions in Argentina too. It's a great opportunity for me to discover new songs, new music, new styles. Somewhat also a musical challenge," Alin says," Prior to launching the program, they had done serious research with their team and found interesting musicians with whom they collaborate today in every region of Armenia, and Artsakh.

The shooting phase of the project "One Region, One Song" is scheduled to end in late September. Once each video is ready, they will be posted on the project's official YouTube page, and will be published on social media pages as much as possible.

By the way, the process of the project is fully covered these days on the project's social media platforms with the hashtag #մեկմարզմեկերգ.

Alin Demirchyan expresses her gratitude to all the organizations that support the project, including Birthright, AGBU, regional administrations, Artsakh Ministry of Culture and, of course, My Step charitable foundation.

“The My Step Foundation responded very warmly to my idea of implementing this project. Thank you not only for the warm welcome, but also for being so helpful to me. I know that the foundation is one of my good friends in Armenia” said Alin.

28 August, 2019

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