“Planet of Light” in Artsakh

15 July, 2019
On July 13th, with the support of My Step Foundation and the Office of the Artsakh Republic Human Rights Defender, in the park next to the Charles Aznavour Cultural Center in Stepanakert, the “Planet of Light” parent and child educational festival was organized, which brought together more than 3,000 parents and children with its diverse educational and entertainment programs.

The festivals goal was to create equal opportunities for entertainment and information for parents and children of different social statuses, and to promote the integration of children and their families with special needs in society.

The festivals motto is “For a better education and healthy future''. It brings together a variety of individuals and organizations who are interested in children’s issues, their healthy lifestyles, education, and entertainment. At first glance, an entertaining event really has deep goals. “The festival is rich in content and very useful, it combines entertainment and education, it enables the children to acquire a wide variety of knowledge through entertainment.” emphasized Hovhannes Ghazaryan, the Executive Director of My Step Foundation during the opening ceremony.

During the event, children were provided with activities such as pottery, robotics, carpet weaving, painting classes, a fairy tale and reading corner with actors, physics, chemistry and natural science subjects interactive corners, art corner, children's theatrical performances and games. Zangak Bookstore, Narekatsi Art Institute (Shushi), Little Einstein Museum of Science, Ayb School, Mind Center for Future Professions, Teryan Cultural Center, Mental Arithmetic IQ Center, Shushi Sports School, Mega Toys Store, "Cityzen-children's city of professions" and other organizations had their pavilions and prepared presents for children. Special guests were invited from the Stepanakert Child Care and Protection Boarding School #1, Stepanakert Caroline Cox Rehabilitation Center, Children of Boarding School Number 2 of Berdzor, Children of Shogh Day Care Community Center, and Shogher Day Care Community Center of Askeran.

The Planet of Light was also a useful platform for Artsakh parents. Marianna Galstyan, founding director and creator of the festival, founding director of the company Creo Project Solutions, said that the goal of the festival is to provide parents with the opportunity to gain knowledge.

The lectures of the festival were organized with the participation of professionals from different fields, from child nutrition to special needs and inclusive environment.

The Ministry of Health of Artsakh Republic and the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of Artsakh also participated in the organization of the Mother and Child Educational Festival of the Planet of Light.

With this festival, My Step Foundation started its activity in Artsakh. According to the Fund’s Executive Director Hovhannes Ghazaryan, My Step Foundation plans to implement all its projects in Armenia, also in Artsakh. During the festival, the fund’s staff also organized an awareness campaign on the “Armenia Without Plastic Waste” program, distributing to participants reusable pamphlets about the damages of polyethylene bags.


The Planet of Life festival was organized in Yerevan in March. It is planned to make the event on a regular basis, including in other regions of Armenia.

15 July, 2019